New Update

February 26 ,2018

NEWS October 13, 2017

Treasure of Empire Now Live


The Three Kingdoms are at an age of rapid changes. Cao Cao burns Wu Chao and dominates the central plains, Guan Yu floods the seven armies and overawes Huaxia, Zhou Yu wins the battle of Red Cliff and saves the foundation of three generations. The battle is not only lies on the screen, and here comes the Treasure of Empire update. Capture the state Escort Cart and open the Windfall Chest, build up your own legion, seize the opportunity and you can change the destiny! Gallop on the continent with feudal lords, let the earth be your paper, strategies be your pen, and valiant general shall be your ink! To write your own kingdom history!



In this update, we added a brand new escort mission that allows warriors to compete with each other. In this mission, warriors are divided into two teams, defense and offence. At the beginning of the match, anescort cart will spawn at certain area and drive automatically to the base of defense team. To get the prize in the cart, defense team needs to protect the cart and escort it to base whereas the offense team needs to assault the defense team and destroy the cart.



The artifact has been more powerful than ever! New upgrading map has been intergraded to the artifact system, now each and every artifact can be attached with an active skill, which can be used during battle. So don’t forget to use artifact essence to upgrade your artifact.



Finally, we have add many other new events and goods as below:
1.    General Ma Chao can be deified.
2.    Adding Windfall Chest Event.
3.    Adding Flying Dragon Banner, whichrequiring Fragments to make.
4.    Adding Lucky Flying Dragon Pouch.
5.    Adding new generals to General Star Record.

Adding State Escort Cart function, A cart will be spawn at 
6.    Adding new upgrading function to Artifact System, every Artifact will be attached with one Artifact Skill, which requires Artifact Essence to upgrade. 
have fun see you in game!