New Update

February 26 ,2018

NEWS August 07, 2017

Heroic Heart Update Now Live


Battles never end in Three Kingdom world. Heroes who want to survive in this chaos must be sophisticated to be more experienced in stronger skills, sharper equipment and access to tougher generals. The new update of Heroic Heart has prepared brunches of methods for you to enhance might. 




New level 90 cap is now available, which allows everyone to gain extra attribution quickly. All instances are now open without level limits. Come and challenge these instances and quickly upgrade to the new level cap.



The gameplay and rewards of Tournament, Changban event, War Games are optimized. Now obtain rich payments in more interesting battles. The Changban event has been changed into a new gameplay, which needs players fight enemies and tear down enemy`s tower in limited time. The camp with higher score when the event finishes would win the prize. The matching system of War Games has also been changed. The War Games begins no matter there are enough players. One player joins the game will get a buff of 3 folds all attribution. Two players join the game will get a buff of 1.5 folds all attribution. We also prepare a new difficulty level of War Games. 




Players should be aware that Divine Lu Bu now has a stronger defence reducing skill. Make good use of it will let you survive longer in battles. It is said Divine Zhao Yun has shown in battlefields as well and it is great time to hire him to become your sharpest weapon in the squad. 




Prepare for these new changes and more in-game events. Witness the burning era and toughest generals in Heroic Heart Update of Kingdom Warriors!