New Update

February 26 ,2018

NEWS April 06, 2017

Hero's Highlands Now Live!


The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: Kingdom Warrior's latest update Hero's Highlands is now live! This update introduces the Supremacy Battlefield and adds new Generals to the lineup. Are you ready to shake down your enemies in the new 2v2 PvP gameplay and  find your place in the pantheon of great warriors in the Hero's Highlands Update?



Team Up in the New 2v2 Supremacy Battlefield
The Hero's Highlands Update includes the new 2vs2 Supremacy battlefield. Players can invite their closest friends to flex their muscles in a 4 person battle. Each season will have its own champion with an exclusive team logo. The champion will then be featured on the Supremacy home screen during the next season. In addition, all participants will get a reward. Which team will be the first champion of the Supremacy battlefield? Let's find out!
Beat the Guild Boss to Nab Mysterious Treasure


Guild Boss, another feature included in the update, can bring the players and the guild many rewards. Guild can feed the Guild Boss. When Guild Boss' Fullness is full, the Guild Leader can summon the Guild Boss. The Guild Boss will spawn in a random city. After the Guild Boss is killed, the Guild that summoned the Boss will get a reward. The reward will be distributed to the Guild Members by the Guild Leader. It will test the team’s cooperation and coordination, everyone should work together to defeat the boss in order to get the final victory.



New and Deified Generals Join the War


Four new generals have been added in this update. They are powerful and can not be underestimated. Their participation will once again change the results of the battlefield. In addition, the new update will expand the deified generals’ team. The two new deified generals are very familiar to players. After the deification their attributes and strength will be increaseand. Their participation will have a great impact both on players and guilds.


Enjoy Brand New Equipment and a Fierce Mount


In addition to the above features, this update also includes some new equipment and a powerful mount. The equipments not only looks super cool, it also has a formidable attribute bonus. It will enhance both individual players and team's attributes. This update also features a new mount, the scorching hot  Molten. This fiery mount is at the top of the food chain, and won't settle for anything less than total victory on the battlefield. What are you waiting for? Hop on and ride to victory!