New Update

February 26 ,2018

NEWS March 17, 2017

Server Merge Announcement

Get ready for some server merges, Warriors! On March 19 from 7:30-11:30 A.M. (UTC+8), we'll be merging the following servers:

SEA S09-10 & S11-12
SEA 13 & S14
SEA S15 & S16

Please log out before the maintenance begins. 


1. Warriors who involve the severs to be maintained cannot login in. Other servers are not affected.
2. After maintenance, we keep the servers on the list and warriors can choose your original server to login in.

About Accounts,

For supplying better service for our warriors, we shall delete accounts which meet all the conditions as following:

a. Not login in recent 30 days and the total online time less than 24 hours.

b. The main character level < 15

c. The gold you carry is less than 500

d. Never top up

3. After maintenance, the name who first registered shall remain the same, the later ones shall be added  ☆ for distinction.
 For example, the name from US-S1 is "1",which registered the name first. Then after maintanience, the "1" from US-S2 shall be named as "1☆".

4. If you have accounts in those severs to be combined, we shall keep the highest level character if you have created the same character.
5. Please check your mail box as we shall keep mails within one week.
6. The rank of arena shall be reset with only set characters of the system.
7. All the record of War Games shall be reset.
8. All mining record shall be reset.
9. The record of ranking shall be combined and re-ranked. 
10.Generals in the guild pavilion shall be deleted and the resource shall be reset to zero, too. Warriors shall recall the generals sent in time.
11. All the record of cities taken shall be reset. The rank of guild tourney shall be kept but cities belong to no guild.