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February 26 ,2018

NEWS February 09, 2017

Refinement Strategies From Players (2)


Last time we collected some refinement strategies from players and posted them on the official website and today we've got more of them to share with you! We expect more of you can share your stories and game experience with your fellows, let's make the Kingdom Warriors game community a place for everyone! 


SEA-S7, GasperVlady

Everyday spend 250-300 from the daily free gold you get.  From 3v3 and world boss you can get 60 gold; from treasure daily quest you can get 150; from share your level you can get 50 gold everyday. And from daily login you get 50.Train your refinement from yellow shard item until you use your valor. You need good luck to get good refinements.



US-S8, D.dragon.ll

Refinement is one of the most important parts to increase might. And here are some tips! 

1 - First thing must do is to refine 1 by 1. (or batch refine for orange )  Don't do batch refinement for red because if you search for red you will probably miss the orange attack or something strong ( if you have too much gold you can do batch refinement for orange because when it's red the refinement stops automatically ) 


2 - Best refinements are thoese with attack, skill power, bonus, critical hits, defense, HP, perp, etc. Try to find those upgrade damage and defense! (For players who are looking for might enhancement , you should search for attack, defense, troops HP and skill power, which increase lots of might).


3 - Search for refinement with gold every day.

4- Search for orange and red refinement and those can be upgraded more.

5 - Upgrade every day. 


SEA-S9, INA?Jou?ne¥

These are my tips. Refine 1* if you get white then stop, wait for 5 minutes. Then try to refine 1* again. if you get Red/Orange/Purple then try 1* again until you get white and then stop; then repeat this method and be patient.



SEA-S14, Dragnel

Refinment is the best solution for your mighty character to grow up and for you to be different from other players.

"Great quality does not come cheap"


If your character is one with skill power, don't forget to use skill penetration in the refinment slot for all your equipments. If you use tiger set, don't forget to use HP refinement in your slots.


If your character uses attack power, don't forget to use hit rate & penetration in your refinment slots.

If you get orange refinemwnt for the first time, you can use bath refinment 20x to push your luck to get red refinement.

If you don't have orange refinment for the first time, don't push your luck, and try again the next day.

And"God Luck"

US-S6, Fury+steph*


1.    Collect refinement stones from rewards and jade chests.(use guild token for chest key)

2.    Refine daily 10x using gold. Do this repeatedly till it costs 2 gold per refinement.

3.    After getting orange and red attributes, collect orange and red equipment shard in smelting, changban store, duel and arena. You will be using those shards for transmuting till you get high stats.