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February 26 ,2018

NEWS January 06, 2017

Refinement Strategies From Players (1)

We always love to watch our hilarious and creative players enjoying their adventures in the world of Kingdom Warriors. The Kingdom Warriors fan game videos and introductions are an awesome part of the game community, and we have collected some refinement strategies to share with you !



US-S1, DongTa


Every day I refine until it costs up to 10 gold. I notice having an empty storage and using your flag to refine gives better chance of getting a red refine. Using your weapon is the worst! Each day you should spent 600 gold buying vigor and 200 gold buying zeal to make it a total of at least 800 gold spent each day. By the end of the week you should reach the reward for weekly spending of more than 5k so you get a free additional 50 refinements. With the yearly and daily gold reward, the quest rewards and the Facebook sharing, etc. You should break even for gold accumulation and gold spent each day.



US-S1, CoupDGra


Get an orange refinement attributes first when you are in low level, then upgrade it by using orange equipment shards to increase your might. And when you level up high, get red refinements... And play daily, if you don't want to miss daily missions to level up fast. Good luck :)


SEA-S7, Crazy4u

Refine daily till it costs 2 gold. Fill up the slot before you destroy it. Always keep at least 7 refine stats in your storage for the next available slot. Only upgrade Red refine slots. Don’t waste your gold on orange or other refine stats with a lower level.



US-S6, FURY†an1ng*


Refining orange and red equipment is very easy. First refine any gear until you get the desired attributes, usually orange and red attributes. Collect as much as many orange and red equipment shards in smelting or Chang Ban store and use it for transmuting instead of gold until you reach desired attribute.